Samsung Gear 360 vs LG 360

LG 360 vs Samsung Gear 360: What’s the Better One?

Everyone is getting excited by the hype of having to capture videos in 360-degree format. This is due to the fact that you can view such videos the way it’s going to please you. Unlike standard videos, a 360 video needs to be captured by a special kind of camera. In this way, you can swipe your smartphone’s screen in order to find the right camera angle. In some way, some people find it inconvenient. However, having 360 videos is definitely a good experience.

As of now, this craze has been encouraged by the presence of 360-degree video cameras, the LG 360 and Samsung Gear 360 being two of the most popular brands. And right now, we’re going to compare these two in order to find out what’s better.

Samsung Gear 360 vs LG 360
Samsung Gear 360 vs LG 360


  1. Looks: Samsung Gear 360 Wins – People are usually enticed by a gadget’s looks, which is very evident in these two. Samsung 360’s round appearance along with the tripod stand is definitely a winning feature against LG 360’s single-stand platform. This ensures you that your camera won’t be blown away whenever you plan on recording videos outdoors.


  1. Design Practicality: LG 360 Wins – Having a round camera is definitely cool. However, its round design isn’t that storage-friendly unlike LG 360. You can just slide LG 360 camera inside your bag’s side pocket without experiencing difficulties compared to a spherical-shaped one. In addition to its design, there’s no way for you to accidentally touch its lens since the recording buttons are located at the back of the camera aside from the fact that you can capture a picture by short press and videos by a longer press.


  1. Number of Features: Samsung Gear 360 Wins – There’s definitely no doubt that when it comes to features, the Samsung Gear 360 remains unrivaled. It has four shooting modes and advanced features that can be customized by expert users. This is especially recommended for tech geeks who want to have a customized video.


  1. User Convenience: LG 360 Wins – If you’re new to shooting 360-degree videos, using a Samsung Gear 360 isn’t recommended for you because of its complex terms and features. Using an LG 360 is much better, especially if you’re the type of person who wants to capture videos in real-time and in the quickest way possible. The truth is, you can easily capture videos and shoot photos even without looking at its screen.