LG window phone

LG Window Phone

LG follows suit to the announcement of HTC and Sony Ericsson of releasing handsets that will be using Windows Mobile OS, version 6.5. Particularly, HTC Touch 2 and Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 will be officially released having the said operating system.  In response, LG has announced a couple of days ago that they will be bringing at least three handsets running WM 6.5.  And since WM 6.5-based smartphones are yet to be released by October 6, we will have to wait until then to witness and purchase the first wave of smartphones running with this.


Expect various form factors for LG’s three models such as candy bar QWERTY handset, slider exposing touch-display and QWERTY keypad and a candybar with capacitive touchscreen. Currently, there are no further details for the trio but we expect that images will come with the announcement of the LG GW550 event which will take place by July within this year.  Aside from the fact that these three handsets are running with WM 6.5, they will also feature S-Class 3D interface which is quite revolutionary.  Since it is LG we are talking about, we expect nothing but an A-class technology and gadgetry here.


Windows Mobile is targeting to produce at least 13 devices that will run their OS by the end of the year. For short the aforementioned handsets belong to this group of three and are part of the WM marketing strategy.  However, release dates are still unknown to the rest of us but for sure they will be after the 6th of October.