Limit your Mobile Data Consumption

How to Limit your Mobile Data Consumption

Do you spend much time browsing the internet using mobile data? Well…this lets you stay online, provided that you have an unlimited one. However, if you’re not subscribed to unlimited subscription, mobile data expenses can be downright expensive. In addition to that, it’s not a good thing that you’re browsing the net all day long, isn’t it?

Limit your Mobile Data Consumption
Limit your Mobile Data Consumption


There are times that you have to limit your Mobile Data consumption for a lot of reasons. And if that’s the case, you must do these easy and simple steps:


  1. Start monitoring your Mobile Data Consumption. This is somehow easy, especially if you’re an Android user. Monitoring your consumption is necessary especially when you’re planning to cut down your expenses and internet browsing time. You can also set your data limit so that your smartphone will turn of mobile data once it reaches the consumption threshold.


  1. Keep tab of Mobile Data-consuming apps. These apps are the ones that connect to or use the internet in order to operate. This appears in form of games like Clash of Clans or apps that allow you to use their services such as Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Keep using Wi-Fi connection as often as possible. Unlike Mobile Data, Wi-Fi consumes less battery even when you’re browsing online. However, keep in mind that open Wi-Fi hotspots pose security risks so you must carefully choose the hotspot where you’re connecting to.


  1. Limit yourself from using music and video streaming services. If it isn’t that obvious, apps such as YouTube, Pandora and Spotify are Mobile Data Hogs so instead of listening or watching online, just download the video or music that you want to watch most of the time.