Livestream Movi

Livestream Movi – The Company’s First Consumer Hardware

Livestream, the company that offers live streaming service, now offers its first hardware: The Livestream Movi. In a slight glance, you might mistake it for a wireless web camera. However, it’s not just a camera; it’s a whole movie crew, the company itself claims.

Livestream Movi
Livestream Movi


Since Livestream wants to dominate the live streaming business, this brand new 4K live streaming camera was designed for people who need something more professional and reliable than just a mere camera. With dimensions about 2.5 inches long and 2 inches wide, along with either white or black soft touch finish, this one has a 150-degree field of vision. This is somehow as wide as small action cameras, though not as wide as GoPro, which feature a 170-degree field of vision. The battery lasts about an hour but despite that fact, this one is very fast and easy to use.


However, the Movi really excels when it come to its software side. Just by doing a slight tap or slide, you can customize your settings in a very easy way. In other words, you can be a director, editor or camera man in your own live stream. You can save your movies in its 16GB microSD card (a freebie) or you can do a live broadcast, which can also cost you $9 per month.


The only downside so far, is because the video recording is in 720p HD format; it literally consumes its battery real fast. Its 1200mAh battery lasts only for an hour. However, Livestream offers rain-proof Movi Pro accessories that can extend your recording for up to 10 hours.