Logi Circle

Logi Circle – Unlike your Usual Security Camera

Security cameras nowadays share a usual kind of look- a look that most of us people find somewhat intimidating. Just looking at their bulky appearance says it-all: Don’t do anything bad.


Aside from being your usual ‘Remote Eye’, modern-day security cameras now include lots of different features. From having speakers and LED Lights for night mode viewing, they can also act as a remote control that can be used to turn lights and appliances on or off. They can even watch your little child’s activities while you are cooking in the kitchen.


Logi Circle
Logi Circle


But unlike your usual security camera, the Logi Circle security camera employs a softer look. If it were not for the lens itself, you would rather mistake it for a Bluetooth speaker due to its size and mobility. But don’t get deceived, though: its 135-degree viewing field in 720p video quality can definitely assure you that it does its job perfectly. You can put it almost anywhere, as long as the place has a metal surface where the magnetic stand can attach itself into. And did I mention something about speaker earlier? Yes, it also has one, along with an LED indicator light.


And as for the battery life, manufacturers claim that its energy could go up to 12 hours without charging. Tests show that the Logi Circle could go for at least eight hours maximum, though. But despite that fact, charging the security camera isn’t a problem since it includes a charging disc that is connected via a 10-foot cord.