MagicMount Wall Charger

MagicMount Wall Charger: The Perfect Solution for USB Cords

Owning a very handy gadget such as a smartphone or tablet can be a very convenient experience for those who want to receive daily updates from their favorite social networking sites. And having a reliable battery charger is also a necessity, unless you own a gadget that doesn’t need an external energy source.

MagicMount Wall Charger
MagicMount Wall Charger


Aside from durability and mobility issues, there’s a persistent issue that gadget owners encounter for decades now: potential clutter. Since we all own at least one pair of earphones and lots of USB cables, bundling it altogether can cause an annoying mess, especially when you’re charging. In addition to that, dangling USB chargers are a potential hazard not only to you and your family but to the gadget as well. Because of this issue, a tech company by the name of Scosche had proposed a potential solution: the MagicMount Wall Charger.


How is MagicMount Wall Charger a solution? There’s only one obvious thing: It keeps your beloved smartphone or phablet away from the floor, therefore removing the possibility of somebody accidentally stepping on it. In addition to that, since it’s a wall charger, you can use a shorter USB cable, hence reducing potential clutter inside your bag.


MagicMount Wall Charger makes it possible since it features a magnetic topped-power brick. The charger itself is somewhat bigger compared to most fast charger but definitely smaller than laptop adaptors. By attaching the included MagicPlate, which turns out to be a magnetic attachment that you can put into your smartphone or phablet, you are assured that your gadget won’t fall while mounted on the wall charger itself. What’s more interesting to know is that Scosche also offers two MagicPlates along with the MagicMount Wall Charger. The first one is a small MagicPlate that can be used for smartphones while the other one is bigger and can be used to secure phablets in place. A transparent film, which you can attach at the back of your gadget before sticking the MagicPlate in, is also available in the charger set. This is to make sure that the 3M-auto adhesive lining in MagicPlates won’t peel your gadget’s painting off, if it were possible.


And since the convenience of having wall chargers is to make sure that you can easily see what’s happening to your gadget, owning a reliable MagicMount Wall Charger is definitely a must-have.

MagicMount Wall Charger
MagicMount Wall Charger