Make Sure that Your Webcam isn’t Running Without Your Permission

How to Make Sure that Your Webcam isn’t Running Without Your Permission

Almost every gadget nowadays has at least a camera installed into it, starting from laptops up to some famous smartwatches. This is due to the fact that most people want to capture the world in real time, whether in form of selfies or short-length videos. And for most of us, the higher the camera’s resolution is, the better.

How to Make Sure that Your Webcam isn’t Running Without Your Permission


However, what most of us don’t know is the fact that cameras and webcams alike can now be compromised and used by hackers in order to gather sensitive information. Just imagine that, by using Google’s latest image recognition technologies, a hacker can gather loads of information about a single person just by providing a copy of the person’s selfie or two. Most of us think that compromised social networking accounts don’t matter. But the truth is, it can be a bridge in order for hackers to know your Yahoo, MSN or Gmail address, all because of a single image.


How to Secure your Gadget’s Webcam/s

Whatever gadget you are using right now, it is very important for all of us to pay attention to our online security. Listed below are some of the things that you can do in order to secure your webcam while you’re online:


  1. Cover it up either by using a folded cardboard or electrical tape. Due to the fact that the most advanced hackers in the world can use various techniques to make your gadget’s webcam work without turning its indicator light on. Using such technique will enable them to capture screenshots and images without being detected by the user. In order to prevent this from happening, you can just cover your webcam with a folded cardboard or electrical tape. That way, the hacker won’t be able to see anything, no matter how advanced his software is.


  1. Install Antivirus software and scan for potential threats. It is always recommended that you must install antivirus software in your gadget in order to protect it from malware. Once you do, use it to scan for potential webcam-related malware that may have found its way inside your gadget. Additional Tip: Always make sure that it is UPDATED.


  1. Prevent malware from being installed inside your gadget. Just like legitimate software, computer viruses and other malware will just work provided that they are installed inside the gadget. In order to prevent this, always beware of suspicious website links and unsolicited email when you’re online.