Mars by Crazybaby

Mars by Crazybaby : The Future of Bluetooth Speakers

Nowadays, almost every gadget are now made wireless. Centuries ago, communication is entirely impossible if it isn’t for the cables that measures miles and miles long. Right now, we can connect every device just by using Bluetooth technology and lots more. But as of now, Bluetooth is still improving and the technology that was displayed by Mars proves that. Even though we’re talking to you about the Bluetooth speaker that was manufactured by Crazybaby, this will surely take your music to a whole-new level, if not planet.

Mars by Crazybaby
Mars by Crazybaby


This Bluetooth speaker features an alien spacecraft-like design, which is called the craft along a cylindrical base. The craft weighs over 362g while the speaker’s base weighs over 1.5 kilograms. It connects via Bluetooth low energy (BLE) 4.0 and support iOS 7, Android 4.4 KitKat or above.


What’s truly interesting in this one is the fact that aside from having a flying saucer-like craft, the craft part levitates while you enjoying listening to your music. When the craft’s power is low, it will slowly land on the subwoofer base for automatic charging. It is also noticeable that not even a single charging port can be found to give its listeners the “most untethered musical enjoyment”. The levitation height, if you’re interested, measures up to 20mm and it can suspend in mid-air for at least six hours.


Don’t worry if you happen to drop this in water. The IPX7 technology enables your speaker to withstand 1m water depth submersion up to thirty minutes without its parts getting wet.


So if you’re interested, watch out until this product hits the market worldwide.