Meizu Blue Charm Smartwatch – Price, Specs, Release Date, Review


Meizu as we all know is the rising dramatic competitor of Xiaomi, China’s leading device manufacturer on par with Apple.   Just a few days ago, Meizu has sold 100,000 units of Blue Charm (Meizu M1) in a span of 1 minute during its online flash sale.  Each unit cost $112 only!


Meizu Smartwatch
Meizu Smartwatch

Now, that is only one of the few reasons why the leading Chinese brands (or any international brand) should take Meizu seriously in the competition.  Another reason is already coming and has a face circulating in the cyber-world today.  Surmised to say, Meizu is so fired-up with the competition that it is now planning of producing a smartwatch to work with their Blue Charm handset. The image suggests a round face for the smartwatch.  Sadly, the leak source did not bring any other details accompanying the image.


It has been reported that Meizu has experienced fifty per cent increase just last month due to the charm by their Meizu M1 (Blue Charm) smartphone.  If the smartphone producer maintains their quality devices while maintaining reasonable price tags, potential consumers might turn up favoring them more.


Meizu Smartwatch
Meizu Smartwatch

Meanwhile, many are speculating about Meizu’s blank page in Weibo but had already acquired 11,000 followers. We can also remember that Meizu promised to give a whole new line of devices under the name of Blue Charm.  Who knows that maybe the smartwatch is going to be the first in the row of Blue Charm monikers?  In case that the issue of this smartwatch is true, we can expect it to be officially released before this year ends.




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