Microsoft Lumia 1030

Microsoft Lumia 1030: Specification, Price, Release Date

Microsoft is still busy Microsoft-izing Nokia handsets.  Mind you, people, just previously Lumia 1020 is deemed as the best camera phone.  Still not satisfied with such achievement, the operating system giant is now working on the concept of its prospective big hit—a 1020 successor—which is tentatively named by leak-source as Microsoft Lumia 1030.

Microsoft Lumia 1030
Microsoft Lumia 1030


It seems that “Lumia 1030” will be under Windows 10 OS. In this case, the smartphone’s estimated release will be later of 2015 or mid-2015 at the latest. Nevertheless, let’s still keep our hopes up for an early treat. It will also be intended as a top-tier handset that will sport an even more epic 41MP PureView primary snapper with an 8.7 MP (or 20MP) secondary shooter.  It looks like that Microsoft is determined to hold the first place for quality-driven camera phones in the world market.


Moreover, Lumia 1030 is planned to be run by a Snapdragon 805 processor partnered by a 3GB of RAM, with a reliable back-up power of 4300 mAh battery.  If these statistics bear facts, the inheritor of Lumia 1020 is a powerhouse, indeed!  Basing from the concept and given specifics, enthusiasts must ready themselves for a high-end pricing as well.


Microsoft Lumia 1030
Microsoft Lumia 1030


Microsoft Lumia 1030 Specifics

  • Display : 5.8” HD resolution; 1440x2560p
  • OS : Windows 10
  • CPU : Qualcomm Snapdragon 810
  • RAM : 3GB
  • Storage : (internal) 32GB / 64 GB; (external) up to 128GB
  • Camera : (primary) 41MP; (front- debatable) 8.7MP or 20MP
  • Battery : 4300 mAh