Microsoft Windows Phone Keyboard now has an iOS Version


As dedicated mobile users, we all know that Windows Mobile and iOS are manufactured by two rival Tech Giants, namely the Microsoft Corporation and Apple. For the past few decades, we have witnessed the technological innovations introduced by the two companies, which we think will be rivals forever in most aspects, including various technological enhancements.

Microsoft Windows Phone Keyboard now has an iOS Version
Microsoft Windows Phone Keyboard now has an iOS Version


However, aside from the fact that the times are definitely changing, let’s also accept the fact that each company has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In order to make things story short, Windows is now testing their keyboard in their rival platform, the iOS.


If you’re a Windows Mobile user, you are familiar with its keyboard, which has a one or two-handed capability features. As of this date, they are now testing their iOS version keyboard in iPhones, an idea that most technogeeks in the past will surely find very ridiculous.


As for the company’s testing, reports have been released that the iOS version of windows keyboard will be slightly different compared to the windows mobile one when it comes with its one-handed capability feature. Unlike the windows mobile version’s one-handed keyboard that works just on the screen’s right side, the iOS version will work on either side, meaning that you can also use the one-handed capability even if you’re left-handed.


Based on the pictures recently released by The Verge, the iOS version will also resemble Windows Vista look. Additional features will also include the ever-faithful Word Flow, which comes with swipe-to-type and word suggestion features.



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