Create Minecraft Videos

How to Create Minecraft Videos – 4 Tips

Though some people may snob the Minecraft graphics as somewhat childish with the characters’ boxlike heads and such, making its videos is no little feat.  Being perfect most especially when you are still beginning can be somewhat really challenging… almost impossible (okay, we’re not slashing off the possibility).


You can play around the different video genres like the Machinimas, Redstone Tutorials, Let’s Plays and so many others, but know that patience and hard work definitely pay off.  In this article, we are going to give some tips in how you can help yourself be successful in creating Minecraft videos.


Create Minecraft Videos
Create Minecraft Videos



Tip # 1: Originality

You can never be an original if you do not know yourself; thus, we encourage you to know yourself better.  Know your wants, goals, principles…etc.  These “little” details surely make difference when it comes to your own craft.  Ask yourself questions such as, “What do I enjoy?” and later translate it into something like “How can I make my audience enjoy ‘these’ with me?”  Scratch off the idea of merely going with the flow or such.  You cannot be successful that way, plus do you honestly feel happy being somebody else even with your own work?


Tip #2: Editing

The most difficult process in creating any form of online entertainment is editing.  If you do not have any knowledge in this field, then you may not find success in this field.  However, you are not a hopeless case—mind you—as honing one’s craft is a tedious but not an impossible process.  Summon all your will and discipline and you will soon achieve your dreams.


As a beginner, we suggest that you do your recording with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and edit your work using the Windows Movie Make or iMovie which sounds very basic but they actually work for beginners.  As you improve you can change into Sony Vegas (for Windows OS only) or Adobe Premier (works for both Windows and Mac)


Tip #3: Patience and Perseverance

                Patience and perseverance—you badly need these two things since Minecraft video producing is a tough competition. Of course, bad times and deep-low moods will surely visit you from time-to-time but they should be just that—part of a very bad day.  If you really love what you’re doing, why should you give up?



Tips #4: Quality Vs. Quantity

Never sacrifice the quality of your video just for the sake of the quota of videos you promise yourself to release within a certain time period.  True artists never had the heart to give up on quality in exchange of quantity.  Know that good quality crafts attract more fans than mass production.