Mio Fuse

Mio Fuse – Specifications, Price and Release

Mio Fuse is a wristband-type of fitness tracker that may look a little conventional but appeals to the crowd going for simplicity.  It decently flaunts one of the most attractive styles that somehow hang between the classic and futuristic.  Some even claim that it is akin to the Nike Fuelband but sports a more flexible factor due to the fact that Fuse is made of soft silicon.

Mio Fuse
Mio Fuse


It can withstand heavy sweat and 30 meters water.  That’s big thanks to the rubbery textured material.  Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the adjustments as the strap.  Since it contours comfortably around your wrist, you won’t even feel it that it is right there.


Now, flipping on the underside, you can see the multiple sensors flashing in green lights and this includes the heart sensor.  What really excite us are the multiple LED displays occupying most of the façade.  They are reminiscent of LED billboard signs, flashing the latest updates for the public to marvel at.  Anyway, the gist is just the same with our Fuse here.


The band goes hand in hand—apparently—with Mio Go which is available for iOS and Android devices.  However, dealing with the app, one can notice right away the lack of diversity for the fitness tools.  It provides the essentials: heart rate, burnt calories, pace and distance covered by the wearer of Fuse.  The said app is yet to develop its social aspect, calorie tracking utility and motivational support system.


Mio Fuse can be connected using Bluetooth 4.0 but should maintain the 25 feet radius.  It also takes 7 days before its little juicer completely runs dry.  You can simply charge it using the charger the company has included within its package.


Since it is bears the $150 sticker price, it directly competes with Jawbones UP3 and Fitbit’s Surge HR. The band is available in two highlights— red and aqua blue.


Mio Fuse
Mio Fuse