Misfit Bolt

Misfit Bolt – Specifications, Price and Release

Home appliances are getting smart nowadays and these include the LED lights.  Yes, folks, as oppose to the ordinary LED lights you may have at home, this one can do more than just provide light.  Misfit Bolt is wirelessly connected, making it available for customization.  That is, owners can choose which light color they want to illuminate them.

Misfit Bolt
Misfit Bolt


At a glance, you can easily dismiss Misfit Bolt as an ordinary incandescent bulb, but on closer inspection, it is a typical LED light bulb. It simply means that it is not brittle and has the substantial feel due to its aluminum body.  Just like the ordinary bulbs, it fits perfectly to any fixture that accommodates standard electrical socket.  Our smart LED light bulb is capable of 13W of power, 600 lumens and a 20 year life span (based on 3 hours per day, in 7 days a week usage).  Think of the energy you can save in a 13W LED bulb than its 60W equivalent found in an ordinary incandescent light bulb.


As mentioned earlier, Misfit Bolt is wirelessly connected with the app control downloadable for both iOS and Android devices. The secret actually: Bluetooth LE connection; though if you want a multiple Bolts on your house, you need Wi-Fi connectivity for proper programming. Through the app, lights can be adjusted to your desired gradient.  It even offers “scenes” feature which enable the Bolt to adapt according to the chosen environment.


Purchasing one Bolt means $49.99 less from your dear wallet or debit/credit card.  It’s more than 4x the regular price of an ordinary LED bulb. There’s also a package price of $129.99 for 3 Misfit Bolts.  Certainly, the price can send you scurrying to the much affordable yet banal LEDs, but if you’re dying for a piece of smart technology, grab one Misfit Bolt and enjoy!