Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray – Definitely not a Fossil

During the Consumer Electronics Show early this year, tech experts are somewhat shocked and awed at the same time after Misfit had released their latest product for this year. The reason is that they know that Misfit, a company known for its Smartwatch and wearables, is now acquired by Fossil, a company that is also known for making wearables and smartwatches. Ever since that Misfit was acquired by Fossil more than a couple of months ago, most experts anticipate that it is no longer possible for the company to release devices under their own name. That’s the reason why Misfit Ray had caught us unawares.

Misfit Ray
Misfit Ray


A device that is designed for both activity and sleep tracking, the Misfit Ray is noticeably style-conscious, having its sensor elements contained inside a cylindrical tube that’s available in carbon black and rose gold versions. The silicon or leather band can be worn in your wrist or in your neck by means of a chain or lanyard. And since the accessories are interchangeable, it definitely makes your wearing experience very convenient.


Another good feature of this wearable is the light indicator that shows you your activity progress. It also includes non-fitness-related features such as the vibrating ability feature whenever your smartphone receives incoming calls and text messages, control music playback, lights and even take selfies, provided that you have connected this device in your smartphone via Bluetooth.


The most remarkable feature of this one, however, lies in the power itself. Unlike other wearables that require charging after a day of accomplishing your activities, this one has to be replaced by button cell batteries which run out of power after six months of use. It can be annoying for some, though very useful for others for the fact that aside from not having to charge their wearable every single day, button cell batteries are easy to find and afford nowadays. And the fact that it can stay submerged in water for at least 50 meters deep, its $100-120 price is downright reasonable.