Moga Rebel

Moga Rebel—Review, Price and Specs

When you say Moga, it is easily associated in the gaming industry.  It’s not yet one of the big shots but Moga is actually on its way up there. With the vision and mission of making the gaming experience a lot more comfortable for players, it has since made array of revolutionary Bluetooth enabled devices compatible for Android-powered gamepads.

Moga Rebel
Moga Rebel



Since it has established good ties with Android devices, Moga expanded horizons with iOS and presented its first ever model, the Moga Ace Power.  Sadly, Ace Power was dismissed by pro-gamers because of its unwieldy figure design. Despite this major dud, Moga is now giving us a new face that has given quite a stir amongst pro-gamers—Moga Rebel.


Package contents:

  • Cable, micro-USB (for charging)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Controller itself


With the new lay-out, gamers must expect quite a beauty featuring inputs such as a D-pad, two (2) joysticks, two (2) triggers, four (4) face buttons and two (2) bumpers.  It is made of premium plastic so it’s a gives off a light feel in the hands. The horn-like grip assures three-in-one trait: efficiency, safety and hand comfort.


At the top, you can find a microUSB port where you can insert the cable for recharging the fixed 680mAh battery.  On-and-off power switch is located at the bottom area.  For more comfort for iPhone or iPod touch users, it has a built in S.M.R.T. Lock Arm where you can position your device.  Take note, lock arm system can also accommodate your iPhone 6 Plus device.


Moga Rebel is available at $79.99 all throughout Apple online stores, Moga’s store and other selected retail outlets.


Main features:

  • Compatibility with:
    • iPad – Fourth generation and onwards
    • iPhone/iPod Touch  – Fifth generation and onwards
  • Input control system:
    • D-pad
    • 2 joysticks
    • 2 triggers
    • 4 face buttons
    • 2 bumpers
  • MOGA S.M.R.T. Arm Lock
  • Wireless, Bluetooth connection
  • Access to hundreds of compatible games
Moga Rebel
Moga Rebel