How to Monitor a Mobile Phone’s Location in 5 Ways

Smartphones do not only receive or send calls and texts nowadays.  They are also means of net communication and monitor loved ones of their whereabouts and activities.


Supposedly, there comes a need for you to monitor a loved one on his or her whereabouts.  There are few recommendations we have at hand in knowing someone else’s location.  Be warned, however, that it is in your sole discretion in how to use the tools we are going to recommend.


Monitora Mobile Phone’s Location
Monitora Mobile Phone’s Location



  • Foursquare
  • You can download and install the app to your phone and connect with friends through different social media platforms. You can immediately see what they are doing once you start the checking in feature.  The key for making the monitoring possible is through the GPS technology.  Through Foursquare, you can give tips about the places you like or dislike and send messages to your pals within your area.


  • Twitter
  • Twitter can be used in tracking a person or group of persons. Using the Twitter Advanced Search, you can monitor all the tweets from a particular area which can be pretty useful in gather news or relative information.  You can also use their service like NASA Latitude and Longitude Finder to enter an address and search for its coordinates.


  • Facebook Places
  • Gives you the ability to check the whereabouts of your pals on their status updates. You may also see their location when they use their FB Messager just in case they forgot to turn off their location.


  • Swarm
  • You can share your location with your loved ones using this mobile application. Vice versa, you can check their current location and plan a meeting or chitchat to your favorite places.


  • Waze
  • Wave is a location-based app that can give away a person’s location accurately. Using this app you can feed news about the traffic, accidents, hazards…etc. that you meet along the way.