Moov Classic

Moov Classic – Specifications, Price and Review

In the category of fitness trackers, Jawbone, Fitbit and Windows are the giants.  But let’s face it, fitness trackers regardless of branding perform a common task and that is to track details of your health.  So what has the new Moov Classic to offer the health conscious crowd? Mainly, it is one fitness tracker that has a specialization which makes it your exclusive coach.


Moov Classic
Moov Classic


The coin-shaped fascia of Moov Classic makes it look like a regular timepiece.  There is no particular feature to capture the eye so practical minimalists may find this tracker appealing.  Behind its plastic body houses the 9-axis motion sensor.  If you find this overly mundane, press the sole button right at the middle of the unit and marvel at the multi-colored lights that flash just around the edge.  These lights can be seen during charging time or when you use multiple units used during your workout with each light signifies its designated unit.


Since Moov Classic is a specialist among fitness trackers, you won’t find the daily step tracking feature here.  Rather, you get various apps for your Android or iOS that can monitor your cardio boxing, swimming,cycling andrun & walk activities.  We must also point out that Moov Classic is a very verbal coach so if you’re the music-lover type, you may find the voice coaching more of a nuisance.  But—hey—the coaching itself is very comprehensive and provides you of information about your progress.


Moov Classic is meant for those who fancy specialized techniques with their fitness activities.  Its MSRP sticker price of $119.99 may deter you but if you opt for an online purchase, it comes with a very affordable $65 price tag.