Mortal Kombat X gameplay

Mortal Kombat X gameplay – Details and Related Information

At last, Warner Bros. has released Mortal Kombat X after months and seemingly endless trails of teasers and video teasers.  The game is still downloadable via App Store right to your iOS devices under the genre of Fighting, Card-game and RPG (role playing game). To tell you the truth, it’s more of the combo of these three instead of betting more on the Fighting side.


Mortal Kombat X gameplay
Mortal Kombat X gameplay

Fighting commands are limited into finger-tapping motions.  Thus, your hero has limited movements as well.  He or she cannot jump, leap or even squat!  Anyway, you can simply do the tapping; blocking (by holding two fingers on the screen); switching of a player, using ally offensive attacks and special attacks at least when the energy bar is full.


You can unlock silver characters using gold coins and buy cards through spending your acquired silver coins.  The developers see it that you will spend your money in buying in-app purchases just so you can unlock the gold characters who make the game really exciting (this game is not really for thrift-spenders).


Mortal Kombat X is compatible for mobile devices but does not contain the features of the classic Mortal Kombat games.  Yes, it bears the name of its predecessors but it lacks the fighting mode they were so famed about.  If you’re up to enjoying a role-playing game with too much hero development, then you might just enjoy the ‘X’ instalment.


Graphics are awesome but as they say, it’s more of a ‘skin-deep’ game instead of something that’s full of substance (which in this case should be its fight factor).