Moto Pulse

Moto Pulse – Specifications, Price and Release

Recently, Motorola announced its third generation models for Moto G.   Sharing the limelight arethe handsome-looking headphones, Moto Pulse and Moto Surround.  Other than their handsome-in-black styling, their sure sale point would be their affordable prices.  For this article, we will talk about what the $60 Moto Pulse has to offer.


Moto Pulse
Moto Pulse



Moto Pulse follows the on-the-ear concept.  It may lack the solid-feel that the energetic crowd seems to be fond off but the lightweight with tight reigns around the crown surely gives a comfortable feel.  However, we were kind of turned off with the ear cups that make the pair appear bulgy but not cushiony for long ours of attachment.


Application and Connectivity

Moto Pulse closely work with the Motorola Connect app which comes pre-installed to Motorola handsets but it can be downloaded via Google Play store for other Android smartphones and via iTunes for iOS handsets.


Connectivity for Moto Pulse demands that your handset should support Bluetooth 4.1.  The brand ensures consumers that the Pulse and your handset retains connection within maximum radius of 60 feet.  Additionally, it comes with the Multipoint technology which simply means that it can be paired with two devices at the same time.


Performance and Battery

Pulse’s performance highly caters to the youthful crowd as the pair gives off more pleasant quality on the bass.  It is not too overwhelming but we honestly feel that the company would do something with the treble quality as well.


As they say, lights won’t be off until the juicer is fully consumed and in the case of our headphones here, it means that it will be “alive and jammin’” for 18 hours of talk or play time.  Contrasting the performance and battery life with its price tag, you get a good deal.


Moto Pulse
Moto Pulse