The Must-Have Apps For Selling Your Old Android Gadgets Online

The Must-Have Apps For Selling Your Old Android Gadgets Online

If you’re the type of Android consumer who gets updated with the latest Android gadgets every year, chances are that you must have collected a fortune. Needless to say, your old Android device must still worth something, especially when it comes to monetary value. Instead of setting it aside and watch it collect some dust, you can still do something with it. If giving it away doesn’t sound very appealing to you, you can just sell it online to those who want it. The truth is, some people are still looking for cheaper smartphones, especially if they can’t afford to buy a new one.

The Must-Have Apps For Selling Your Old Android Gadgets Online

Listed below are the well-known sites and their apps that you can use if you’re planning to sell your old gadgets online:


  1. eBay – There’s definitely no doubt that when it comes to selling things online, eBay is one of the best. Aside from its easy-to-access website, eBay also has a companion Android app which you can use in order to make transactions online. However, you must not forget to include shipping and delivery fees, especially if the buyer is located in a far location.


  1. Amazon – Just like eBay, Amazon is also a site that you can use in order to look for potential second-hand gadget buyers. However, just like eBay, you must have a registered and active account on the site in order to use its features.


  1. Carousell – Being one of the most useful buy-and-sell apps nowadays, you can use Carousell in order to look for potential buyers within your country, therefore minimizing delivery and shipping costs. You can sign up here using your Google+, Facebook or any other email accounts. Once done, you can customize the app in accordance with your location. However, the site will require you to specify everything in order for it to narrow the search for potential buyers.


  1. LetGo – This app actually works like SnapChat by activating your camera, therefore letting you take a picture of the product that you want to sell. After that, you can put a price tag and indicate whether the product price is negotiable or not. Once done, you can either arrange a personal delivery or even a meet-up so that you and the customer can check the merchandise up. However, once you put the product on the list, you can just mark it up as ‘sold’ instead of having the capability to delete it.