Need For Speed No Limits Due to be out by 2015


It has been officially announced that the new game franchise of Need for Speed, an all-racing game is due to be out by next year (2015). Need for Speed: No Limits is set to be played by mobile and tablet users, and was—of course—developed by the Australian studio behind Real Racing 3… the Firemonkeys.

 Need For Speed No Limits
Need For Speed No Limits


The official trailer of NFS: No Limits shows Ken Block in his drive-hard, inhumanly insane driving exhibition with his boosted Gymkhana Seven Ford Mustang that captures the “need for speed” within every viewer.  It’s a one knock down teaser that definitely brings out the racer from within every spectator.  The NFS: No Limits is still about street racing, with cops hell-bent in chase of the street rascals who are highly addicted to velocity and momentum.  Racers, get ready for the world highly dominated by speed thirsty Mercedes and BMW!


With the uber-amazing graphic progress of this game, players will surely get hit with the mind-boggling speed and experience like no other! Need for Speed: No Limits assures that your mobile phone and tablet brings out the exigencies of their service.  This time the gadgets serve as a gesture-sensitive wheel of the fantastical racecar of your dreams.  This redefinition of the racing game makes you buckle-up and go knuckle- white (just be careful with your gadgets, speedsters) for the whole year of 2015.


Additional characters, cars and details for Need for Speed: No Limits will be out soon.  Stay tuned for these further revelations.  For now, hold your breath and slow down.


 Need For Speed No Limits
Need For Speed No Limits



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