Nexus 8

Nexus 8 : Photos of Dummy Leaks on Web

Joining the trending list together with Google’s devices with Android Marshmallow like the Huawei Nexus 6 and LG Nexus 5 was the tittle-tattle about the surprising Nexus 8 tablet despite it being well… almost like a housewife’s tale.


The photos portray—albeit poorly—the supposedly Nexus 8 slate next to a ruler that indicates that it is at least 200mm long.  The leaks originated from China and have been dramatically labelled under the ‘most unlikely’ by most of the experts.  For one, the so-called leaked images lack the Colorfly label, the edited spot where the brand is usually located.


Nexus 8
Nexus 8


Despite the apparent lack of tangible proof of Nexus 8’s existence we can’t still scratch off the idea.  So setting aside the cynicism and bringing out the humor, let us speculate how it’s going to be just in case.


Basing from the 200mm length (about 8 inches), the most probable aspect ratio is 4:3 to make it appear more squarish, a tradition to the Nexus line.  The second photo which is a close up one gives off the big possibility that it is going to be made of metal frame.  The chamfered corners also say that it may have a speaker grille though we are still guessing which particular corner it is going to be.  But of course, it will be endowed by the latest Android Lollipop OS and an 8-core processor or it won’t be worthy to be called a Google-owned device.


Yes, the photos give off a cheap fantasy feel but at least this may serve as a hint for Google that Nexus 8 is one of the most anticipated devices.



Purported Specifications

  • Length : 200mm (or 8 inches)
  • CPU : Octacore processor
  • OS : Android Lollipop 5.1.1 + Marshmallow