Olloclip Active Lens

Olloclip Active Lens – Specifications, Price and Release

Just last February, we brought to you Olloclip’s Macro 3-in-1 Lens and we have been fascinated on its wonders.   This time, for the latest generation of iPhone, iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, the company that brought us the 3-in-1 lens gives us yet another clip-on: the Olloclip Active Lens.


Olloclip Active Lens
Olloclip Active Lens


Most of the high-end and midrange smartphones are equipped with decent cameras but with the inability to be flexible due to the fact that—of course—they’re smartphones first before anything else.  Out from this fact enter brands like Olloclip. Active Lens, following the standard clip-on design, appeals to the picture-loving crowd that aims to capture quality pictures wherever they go.


One of the strengths of our favorite attachable lens here is its portability factor.  You can carry them around without cussing about additional baggage.  Yet, this one factor may be its weakness due to the fact that it is so diminutive that it can easily slip off from your attention.

Olloclip Active Lens
Olloclip Active Lens


Active Lens sports ultra-wide angle lens that covers your desired image even when taking group ‘selfies.’  Another exciting part of the attachable lens is the Telephoto one that offers twice optical zoom to have a nice close up with your subject.  However, Telephoto is much better using the rear camera instead of the front-facing snapper.  For quick and easy packing, you can combine the two lenses into one frame or simply let them be with the lanyard for trouble-free access.


Olloclip Active Lens cost $100 but if you also want to acquire the seamless Active case for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, an additional $20 is required.