Onion Omega

Onion Omega – Vision, Mission and Main Specifications

Imagine that you can create things without even learning how to create them manually.  This is the primary vision and mission of Onion Omega.  With this product out in most of the mass—specifically software developers—creation of the littlest of things to the greatest is no longer ‘out of question’ but a reality much more tangible than you eating a… cotton candy.  The thing is creation of drones, security monitors, toys, coffee brewers and even a rocket ship becomes almost like a child’s play.  Get ready to be involved in the world of technology creation á la Tony Sparks

Onion Omega
Onion Omega

So what is this Onion Omega all about? As described by the creators themselves, it is a hardware development manifesto schemed and made for its direct users: the software developers.  It has all the components the modern era has to offer: built-in WiFi connectivity, Arduino compatibility and can run in full Linux operating system.  It lets you build sample models of hardware devices using Ruby, Python and many others.


If this one fact adds to the borderless coolness of Onion Omega, you might just be thrilled to know that it can be fully integrated with Onion Cloud.  Meaning, it can communicate with countless Web services and other Internet connected devices.  You are only familiar in printing a document using your home printer while you’re in a very distant café using Cloud, right?  Imagine Onion Omega doing much better.  Perhaps, you can create an office assistant that can deliver the printed documents without any fuss.

Onion Omega
Onion Omega



For more detailed info regarding Onion Omega, you can visit this link. Meanwhile, get acquainted with its paraphernalia and specifications:


Paraphernalia and Acessories

  • WiFi Range extender
  • Router
  • Network Storage & File Server
  • Network Security Camera
  • Dock—Arduino dock and/or Servo



  • Dimensions : 28.2mm x 42mm
  • CPU : Atheros AR9331 400MHZ MIPS 24K
  • RAM : 64MB DDR2 400MHz
  • Flash : 16MB
  • WiFi : 802.11b/g/n 150Mbps
  • Ethernet : 100Mbps
  • USB : USB 2.0, Supports additional USB Hub