How to Open Compressed Files on Your Android Device


Ever experienced downloading compressed files such as ZIP and RAR into your Android device but can’t open it? That might just be because your good, little green bot doesn’t have pre-installed software to read them.  For this instance, you need a reliable third party compressed file reader.


Having an AndroZip, ZArchiver, ES File Explorer, RAR for Android or a B1 Archiver would be ideal.  The said compressed file readers do not merely allow you to extract the files but also gives you the option to make your own compressed or archived files. Just visit the Google Play Store and download your own choice of reader.  Below is a tutorial using AndroZip to teach you how to open your ZIP or RAR files:

How to Open Compressed Files on Your Android Device
How to Open Compressed Files on Your Android Device




  1. Assuming you just downloaded and installed AndroZip, launch it immediately by simply tapping on its icon.
  1. Once inside, it’ll show you the list of files you have within your device. Pick a folder where you saved a ZIP file.
  1. Long press your chosen file and options will be flashed on you: 1) Extract file here; 2) Extract to…; 3) View Archive; 4) Send; and 5) Cancel. Since you want to have an easy access on the file, choose a location where you want it to be extracted. Extract it to that location and it’ll be available for you to read just like your uncompressed files (such as .docx, .jpeg…etc.).
  1. Suppose that you don’t know where your ZIP file is. Just tap on the three-dotted icon at the top right corner of your screen and then on Search tab. To help you with your search, just enter .zip and all ZIP files will be given to you.  To extract the file, just do Step 3 for it.







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