Make Your Own Capacitive Stylus Pen

How to Make Your Own Capacitive Stylus Pen

With the reappearance of stylus in trending mobile devices like iPad Pro, Samsung Note 4 and Surface Pro 4 makes it a much coveted item for this season. If you want to use one even if you are not using the aforementioned devices, then rejoice!  You can actually make your own capacitive stylus pen working with your mobile device like smartphone or tablet.


Make Your Own Capacitive Stylus Pen
Make Your Own Capacitive Stylus Pen


As we all know, most smartphones and tablets have capacitive touch screen that enables it to respond to touch command via fingers and not via touch screen stylus pens.  iPhone and iPad users can just purchase Pogo Sketch stylus over Amazon or E-bay and their problems are then solved, but how about you?  If you do not own an iPad or iPhone and that Amazon doesn’t even ship items to your country, then here’s the perfect solution for you—make your own capacitive stylus pen!  All you need is extra time, the items below and the eagerness to follow the instructions herein:


Materials Needed

  • 1 ft. long electric wire
  • Old pen (with either plastic or metal body)
  • Conductive foam – just an inch strip will do
  • tape


Note: You don’t even have to buy conductive foams, if you have purchased some computer components, the foam used for packaging there is the conductive foam just mentioned.



  1. Pop up the pen cap and ink tip.
  2. Cut a portion of the foam that should be a little bit wider that the tip.
  3. Strip the 2-inch portion from the end of the wire.
  4. Insert the stripped portion wire through and around the foam for a few times, securing it nicely.
  5. Now, insert the other end of the wire (the one without the foam) into the barrel.
  6. Pull until only a quarter of an inch of the foam is visible from the outside of the pen barrel.
  7. Strip the rest of the exposed wire (the portion that came out of the barrel) and wrap it around the barrel so it can actually comes in contact with your hand.
  8. Secure the wire with tape so it stays put.
  9. Trim the foam until it becomes nice and smooth. Done!