Parrot Zik

Parrot Zik 2.0 – Details and Price

Parrot is known for its headsets that can be connected through Bluetooth connectivity.  Well, that’s pretty flexible stuff considering that almost all devices support Bluetooth.  As years advance like they usually do, Parrot ventured in different devices other than headsets which is good thing for them.  And currently, they are expanding horizons in the league of “high-end” or “cream of the crop” Bluetooth stereo headphones. Enters the Parrot Zik 2.0, a powerful pair of Bluetooth headphones in a hefty price tag of $400 of what high-end commands.

Parrot Zik
Parrot Zik


Parrot Zike 2.0 design speaks simplicity, elegance and high quality—a true minimalist approach but with a heavy power lurking behind its simplicity.  Skin deep, we can see brushed metal frame and leather imitation texture just around the ear cups and headband.  With these choices of materials, the headphones can seat on your ears for extended hours and you won’t even notice them.  It’s too lightweight and comfortable that only the music can touch you.  You can also notice that the swivel hinges play the vital role of making comfort possible.


Other features for Zike 2.0 include built-in NFC, wired connection, adaptive noise cancellation and smart touch control system. It can be paired with devices that support Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.  Moreover, it can stay connected within 30ft. radius which makes it way cooler. Aside from this list, the headphones house different sensors like they can pause your music as you get the phones off your ears.  One type of sensor can also ‘feel’ the vibrations of your jaw and basing from that, it can adjust the quality of your voice registration.  Up and down swiping can adjust your volumes.  Left and right swiping rewind or forward functions.


However, our favorite headphones are not in the summit of perfections, sad to say.  They are limited by their juicer which can only accommodate 6 hours of daily usage.  If you’re an avid sound-tripper, you may find this rather unsatisfactory.  Plus, there’s no warning when the battery comes low in power.  You will have to check the phones’ status via their partner mobile application.


For something that comes in a $400 price tag, the pair is surely worth it. From the premium materials, elegant design, functions and impressive sensors… every penny is worth it.