Phiaton PS 202 NC

Phiaton PS 202 NC—Details and Price

Phiaton is not a newbie for audio devices and has produced uniquely stylish earphones and headsets.  This time, it has introduced yet another in-ear headphone in the body of Phiaton PS 202 NC.  The newest addition to the line of earphones takes pride of its most notable noise-cancelling aspect and 14.2mm drivers. Not to mention that it has more pronounced ear bud design that let everyone know that you’re way too busy listening to your songs.


Phiaton PS 202 NC
Phiaton PS 202 NC

At first, one may be taken aback of the unabashed metallic accent attached with each ear bud, not to mention the heavy looking in-line remote just right at the middle of the ear set.  But this is not just a feverish case of aggressive fashion.  Looks like the metallic attachments bear the microphones, something of which is typically located at the middle remote.  The buds themselves have silicone ear tips that serve as a good protection to your ears and hold the buds in the right place.  Comfortably, the buds can seat in your ears for a couple of hours.


Taking you further, the deceivingly heavy remote is actually a featherweight box. It also houses microUSB port that can be used to charge the internal battery. Asking why there’s an internal battery, but of course it has to in order to power the noise-cancelling feature.  It also features a multi-function button for pause/play, forward (double click) and backward (triple click).


With the 14.3mm divers, it holds an optimized vibration system for clarity on high frequency.  As promised by Phiaton, you can only hear clear tones even in the higher frequency ranges and fair amount of clarity for the low frequency.  On both ends, you cannot here any strains or strangling noise even as you enable the noise-cancellation.  Now, the issue about noise cancellation does not altogether zero the noise but reduces most of them (up to 95%).


The price of USD 119 is not draining enough considering the factors appended with PS 202 NC. It seems to be heavily priced for active individuals but for those who invest to relax, this is a pretty decent investment.


Phiaton PS 202 NC
Phiaton PS 202 NC