Philips Pronto : $50 Smart Remote Control Hub

Philips’ Pronto is back on the limelight and this time, the smart remote control goes back-to-back with Peel.  Now, you can surf through your entertainment set using nothing but your iPhone and the Peel Smart Remote App.




As avid fans of the minimalism, we simply like the two-tone ebony Pronto hub.  It perfectly blends well with your furniture and entertainment system.  Its red LED light indicates its connection status whereas the rear part can accommodate the infra-red blaster and 3.5mm port.  The hollowness factor was due to the fact that the hub is powered by 4 pcs. of double-A batteries that can bring it to life for up to a year.



Performance, Connectivity & the Peel Smart Remote App

You can pair your iPhone with Proto through its Bluetooth Smart connectivity, but that’s kind of automatic as soon as the phone and hub are both in the 25ft range, pairing is in auto-mode.  However, Pronto must be pointed at the direction of your home entertainment to send the signals.  Such a shame to have a 360-degree angle for IR but in reality, direction still matters.  Despite this, the process of directing of signals is lightning fast so there’s no need for you to test your patience here.




  • Connectivity : Bluetooth Smart, IR 360⁰
  • Battery          : 4 pcs. of AA batteries (up to 1 year of life)
  • Indicator : Red LED
  • Dimensions : 4.2x 9.1 x 5.0 cm
  • Weight : Excl. batteries- 71g; Incl. batteries- 163g
  • Application : Peel Smart Remote App