How to Access Your Phone’s Testing Menu : Android Tutorial:

Most of smartphone users do not have time to explore more about their phones.  Or rather they do not have inkling where to start exploring.  Anyway, as long as your phone provides you with the service you need, delving deeper about your little green bot’s secrets does not come at the top of the pyramid.  But just in case you have the time and enough curiosity about its pretty little secrets, start with this one.


Phone’s Testing Menu
Phone’s Testing Menu


Mobile secret codes are not normally written in manuals.  Android here, for one does not share openly its code combination for accessing its testing menu.  No worries though as Morse code or some cryptic symbols are out of question.   You don’t even have to own a stylus or anything but be sure that your dial pad works well.


Follow the directions below and access Android’s testing menu in few steps.


Remember:  Take note of this code: *#*#4636#*#*




  1. On your dial pad, enter the combination of *#*#4636#*#* . No need for you to call the combination, just simply let it do its magic and you’ll be directed immediately to the testing menu.


  1. Notice that you are introduced into 4 areas: Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics and Wi-Fi information.


  1. Tap on the Phone information and you’ll be introduced to several information such as the IMEI of your phone, phone number, current network, cellular info and so on.


  1. Tap on the Battery information and the page will show you your battery status, power plug, battery level, voltage, temperature, technology and the time since your last boot.


  1. Tapping on your Usage statistics lets you know about the apps you last used on your phone together with the exact usage time.


  1. For Wi-Fi information, you be introduced to 3 sub- menus: Wi-Fi API, Wi-Fi config and Wi-Fi status. Their names pretty much tell what they have in store.



Phone’s Testing Menu
Phone’s Testing Menu