PinTasking Android

PinTasking Android Multi-tasking Enhanced

There are ways in order to bring Android multi-tasking experience into a whole new level.  PhinxApps has developed just a right application with extensive array of customization commands for this reason.  PinTasking makes it possible for you to open a number of applications and documents and access them with easiness and efficiency by simply pinning them on your screen. Pin and pull as you do various functions right in your little handy assistant. Position your pins either at the left or right hand side of your screen any time you deem it important to do so.

 PinTasking Android
PinTasking Android


PinTasking sounds a lot of fun you say?  You haven’t heard everything yet about this cool multi-tasking app.  Inside its settings, you can find various ways to set it into a more accessible and interactive mode.


  • ‘Pin Style’ allows you to customize the look and behaviour of your pins.
  • ‘Swipe pad’ make you utilize a third of your Status Bar to easily and quickly pin your current task or switch back to the previous one.
  • ‘Assist Action’ can be customized to function just like your default search.
  • ‘Task switching & misc.’ can be set to suit the look and feel of the pins and general actions to your desired design.
  • ‘Browser extension’ can boost the power of your favorite browser by closely interacting it with PinTasking app.
  • ‘Root helper installer’ is used to remove the app-switch delay, but first, install this additional feature.


PinTasking is yet in its beta stage but unlike the many beta forms plaguing the Google Play store, this one is a certified skilful one. But one thing—let’s be honest—there are still current bug issues here.  For this reason, beta tag is on hold until May 11. Hope the developers hasten up the progress of this lovable and very much reliable app.  And kudos for these fellows for bringing us PinTasking.