Piper NV

Piper NV – Specifications, Price and Release

Homeowners are getting smart about their security nowadays.  One of the companies offering tech gadgets for this endeavour prettily impressed most of us with their array of offered devices for home security.  Included in their portfolio is the Piper nv, a monitoring camera disguised as somewhat a pencil or knick-knack holder.


Piper NV
Piper NV


Okay, Piper nvmay not be the most discreet-looking security camera with its bulky body but it have its reasons.  It simply houses a variety of environmental sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, ambient light, sound and motion.  They’re processed by the ultra-fast ARM processor with advance software upgrades.  Additionally, it features a native speaker and a microphone that can be a communication device.


In front fascia, you can easily detect the 3.5MP camera that is capable of streaming 1080p videos.  It has a wide-angle, 180⁰ angle fish-eye lens for extended coverage.  Naturally, Piper employed a night vision for this little bulk of wonder, aided by the glow coming from the LEDs encircling the camera.


The Piper app is also developed to give you further smart-track your home while you’re away.  Definitely, it involves the live-streaming feature and control system for Z-wave accessories that comes in tune with it.  The monitoring cam is connected to a cloud via Wi-Fi but the Z-wave accessories are linked using its own wireless system.  Unfortunately, Piper nv offers no recording or download feature for archive.


Piper nv’s capability to see in the dark is a big plus.  Added to that is the motion sensor that can immediately warn or notify you.  While this may be overlooked as a small detail, it actually makes great difference.  Its video quality is another notch to its accomplishments.


Wrapping up, the $280 price won’t all go to waste with this little monitoring camera from Piper.  That’s all into it—just one time pay, no subscription fees or monthly charges.

Piper NV
Piper NV