Polaroid's L7 and L10

Polaroid’s L7 and L10 Price, Specification, Review, Release Date

Polaroid, another leading camera maker under the instant-photo group, has also expanded their horizons in device-making. Now venturing in producing tablets and smartphones, Polaroid is committed in bringing in their own twist to gadgets bearing their brand and style.

Polaroid's L7 and L10
Polaroid’s L7 and L10


During the CES 2015, Polaroid has announced two of their upcoming economical tablets which will go on sale in the USA at early spring this year.  Polaroid L7 and L10 bear the price tags of $100 (or $99.99) and $150 (or $149.99) correspondingly.


L7 is a 7-inch tablet whereas L10 is a 10-inch tablet (just take a look at their names and the cues are quite obvious).  Both are cut in simplicity but Polaroid has ensured a top-notch performance of these two babes.  L7 and L10 are both powered by Quad core processors which are not of Qualcomm’s.  While the chipset is yet to be confirmed, potential buyers are assured that the two tablets are interfaced with Google Lollipop OS.


Further, both tablets are given with connectivity such as Wi-fi and Bluetooth but not of cellular.  The tablets are also endowed with dual camera technology but specifications for the snappers are not yet stated.  In addition to the cameras, other bonuses are “extended battery life” and speakers installed up front.


Polaroid L7 and L10 Specifications

  • Dimensions : (L7) 7 inches; (L10) 10 inches
  • OS : Google Lollipop 5.0
  • CPU : Quad core (no further details available)
  • Camera : primary and front-facing

Connectivity       : Wi-fi and Bluetooth


Polaroid's L7 and L10
Polaroid’s L7 and L10