Apple iPhone 6 to have Sapphire on Screens and Processors

Apple arena has exciting news for us regarding its much awaited release of iPhone 6 and iPad. Recently, Apple registered for a patent that unveils in some or the other ways how it would be utilizing sapphire in their future projects.

It is known to all of us that Apple would be using sapphire coating on the screens to make them tougher than the Gorilla Glass also. Apple has already patented on this project and they would be reciprocating it on their newer models too. Because of the crystal clear view and tough nature of sapphire, Apple has chosen it for perfect coating on the screens.

Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6

By now, it is known to all of us that sapphire is a very strong conductor of heat. What we and even Apple did not know that it can conduct heat better than many other materials that are used for manufacturing processors and other computer parts. The new Apple patent depicts to even make use of sapphire on the device’s chip so that it can completely absorb and then entirely radiate some degrees of heat too. This will surely be a beneficial technique and should definitely be used by all future smartphones because heating is a great issue for all the smartphone users today.

The patent filed by Apple mentions the entire stepwise procedure staring from how the melted metal would be poured on the sapphire surface to the cooling process leading to have a strong bonding. The chips can also be carried out on the metal. Another way of making sapphire mounted setup is by molding practice wherein the plastic or metal can be directly attached to the edges of sapphire.

Apple has used this sapphire technology already in many of its devices such as the fingerprint sensor cover of iPhone 5S and the camera lens cover of iPhone 5. But these uses have been on a very minor level. In the coming period, we are to view major implementation of this superb technology which would definitely revolutionize the sphere of smratphones.

To garnish this update, the crystal experts GT Advanced Technologies had already signed a multi-year supply contract with Apple for implementation of the sapphire project.