How to Prepare your Smartphone for International Travel


Okay, you’re all set to travel the world with your passport, baggage and self.  And just when you thought you’re already good to go and see the world’s greatest landmarks, you forgot one teeny-tiny detail: Setting your smartphone for international travel.  Is this detail relevant or simply falls under the perfectionist’s category of impeccability?


Far from it for prepping up your device is a must before flying to another country.  To do this, consider the following areas, tips and steps:



  1. Roaming Fees
  • This is the first and foremost detail you need to check on for your device. If you’re clueless about this, you can contact your carrier for the information.  Note that international calls, texts and internet data switching can drain a good few bucks.
  • If you must, turn off the roaming ability of your phone and switch into more budget friendly option(s).


  1. Local SIM card
  • Local SIM cards do marvel dealing with budgeting. The beauty lies from the prepaid ability of these diminutive cards. You can allocate easily a certain portion of your budget without worrying of overspending on phone bills.  However, make sure that your phone is the GSM (Global System for Mobile) type. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) type doesn’t work in most parts of the globe.


How to Prepare your Smartphone for International Travel
How to Prepare your Smartphone for International Travel



  1. Currency Converter
  • Tourist often fall for currency exchange frauds. Having a reliable app can save you from malicious folks but easier still, just Google the conversion.


  1. Offline Maps
  • Download maps that you can use like the HERE maps and have access even without the internet. It also features traffic report system but of course, you need an internet for that.
  • Download HERE maps for Android and iOS.



  1. Chargers
  • Your kit must have USB cable and universal power adapters as plugs varyin most countries. Additionally, if your handset supports the QuickCharger technology, by all means use it.




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