Project Ara

Project Ara : Customizing Your Smartphone According to Your Taste

Google, the numerouno of revolutionary and technological concepts, came up with Project Ara.   The project focuses in developing an open hardware platform that may help innovative people in making their own modular smartphones.


Project Ara
Project Ara


With the basic endoskeleton as structural frame, Project Ara can help you change the parts of your smartphone such as the battery, display screen, camera and many more! Bottom line: You flavour-ize your own smartphone—if not perfectly, at least nearly—to your own taste.


Now, who won’t get excited about this great news?  We bet, puzzle-lovers, artists and individualists are really thrilled with this prospect!



Things We Should Expect about Project Ara

  • It Comes Expensive

Come on, we know for a fact that customizable things are more expensive than generic ones.  But the heck, our little partner/assistant/ BFF will be more personalized and suited according to your whims and desire.


  • It Comes in All Sizes

Want a gigantic, mid-size or diminutive phone?  They will all be possible when Project Ara comes in full swing.



  • It Comes Easy in Swapping Modules

Swapping different smartphone parts will be like a switch ON/ OFF. These said parts come in form called modules that gets connected to the Endoskeleton through electro permanent magnets.  You want to attach the modules, hit ON; detach the modules, hit OFF.  The method more likely relates to attaching puzzle pieces, right?


  • Google Will Designate its Exclusive Store

Modules can be purchased via its own e-commerce store which is not Google Play Store.  These modules will be created by Google developers and will be produced using the technology of 3D printing.


  • It Is Coming Very Soon

The 9.7mm-thick prototype is already in the market so we will be expecting the official launching of Project Ara very soon.  Google says that the phone’s life can span from 5-6 years which you can enjoy without having to buy a new handset every single year.  When a part has been damaged, you can simply swap it with another part.