Project Fi

Project Fi – The Latest Way for you to Connect

Just recently, Google updated its support page for tablets in their newest Mobile Virtual Network Operator, the Google Fi. As of date, any T-Mobile Network-compatible tablets will definitely work on Fi. The same data rates apply for those who are using smartphones: $10/GB.

Project Fi
Project Fi


What is Google Fi, by all means? Fi (or Google Fi), is Google’s latest project in order to help its users connect via Wi-Fi in faster way, along with more coverage. Fi is a kind of a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, which means that it collaborates with certain network operators (T-Mobile, in this case) in order to provide a faster and much better Wi-Fi service to all its customers. The performance of the said service, though, depends on the partner network provider’s facilities.


What is the advantage of having Fi? As of now, the Fi Project offers data usage in at least 120 countries for $10/GB, including US and data speed is limited to 256kbps/3G. The good thing about having this service is that it does not have a basic charge in order to maintain your line just like your usual telephone company. In other words, YOU ONLY PAY FOR THE DATA THAT YOU JUST CONSUMED. In other words, if you consume only half of your 1GB data this month, you will get $5 credit in return for your unused data. Compared to your usual telephone companies or internet service providers, it is very convenient, indeed. And to top it all, there’s no requirement for you to sign up for an annual contract, meaning that you can just opt-out anytime.


How can you avail of this Google Fi Service, by the way? You can request an invite, aside from getting more inquiries at their site at