samsung galaxy fingerprint

How to Protect Your samsung galaxy Device Using Your Own Finger Print

For some reasons, pin codes and passwords are already obsolete when it comes to securing one’s device.  Flagship handsets now opt for iris scanning which is the latest or finger print scanning. Either the device has it preinstalled as one of its feature, or you’ll have to download it from a store.  Just in case that your Samsung Galaxy device falls under the category of not having the security feature pre-installed, we have a solution for that.  We present to you FingerSecurity, the app that can secure your privacy and Samsung Galaxy device.


samsung galaxy fingerprint
samsung galaxy fingerprint

What’s seriously nice about this application is that it can save you time of having your phone opened using finger print scanning every time it is locked.  You can select a few of your applications you don’t wish to share with anybody and they are the only ones who would need the fingerprint scanning every time you wish to use them. To top the finest points about this application, it is all ‘free’ for you to download.


Given some tricky situations, you may be able to gauge whether you would want to give FingerSecurity a try:


  • What if there’s a case that someone want to change setting on your FingerSecurity app in order to manipulate your phone or applications?


Answer: Don’t worry as they still need to go through submitting their own fingerprints in opening the application.  Since they do not have your fingerprint, then opening the security app is deemed impossible.


  • What if there comes a time that someone has gone through the security (not the FingerSecurity) of your phone and you left the secured application open, too?


Answer: No worries about this type of problem since FingerSecurity might momentarily flash the last state of your application—yes—but it will immediately resort in asking for your fingerprint anyway.


  • What if someone wants to take a peek of your recent activities through multitasking card preview? Can he see what applications you used?


Answer: Alas, but FingerSecurity’s span of influence is also limited for protecting the very applications but cannot do anything about the previewing in multitasking card list.


Anyway, overall the performance is not something you can smirk on.  It’s a great service for something that is acquired freely.  Android users (those who don’t use Samsung Galaxy devices), you can get your own FingerSecurity via this link.

samsung galaxy fingerprint
samsung galaxy fingerprint