How to Recover Data that was Previously Deleted from Recycle Bin

Data loss is the worst problem that you can expect to happen in your computer. Whether it’s your own or your family member’s doing, it’s still very stressful, especially if it’s a college thesis or a business proposal of some sort.



If your precious file is deleted from your computer, you can just restore it from you recycle bin. But if your file is deleted logically, meaning that they’re not in the recycle bin either, well…that adds up to the disaster. However, the technology nowadays tells you not to get worried easily, since it now provides you with some programs that can help you restore your files, some of those are listed here:


  1. Recuva – Recuva (pronounced as Recover) is the best free software up to date. It offers you both basic and advanced options to recover your data the easy way. If in case you don’t understand, you can use the recovery wizard, which can help you set the right options prior to your data recovery.


  1. Puran File Recovery – Puran File Recovery scans the drive sector by sector, therefore displaying more files to recover. It also contains lots of advanced options and can even recover lost drive partitions.


  1. Disk Drill – Disk Drill is a free file recovery software that is easy to use and lets you recover files from external hard drives, USBs and iPods.


  1. Glary Undelete – Being an added feature of Glary Utilities (which has a Pro Version), this one can scan and recovers data from your drives and USBs alike.


  1. Pandora Recovery – Being an excellent file recovery program, it also works out like Disk Drill. However, it contains no ‘portable’ version, meaning that it must be installed in your hard drive first.


  1. SoftPerfect File Recovery – You can run this software in USB and works out perfectly like the previous recovery softwares.


  1. EaseUS Data Recovery – Recovering files using this program can be achieved by few clicks.


  1. Wise Data Recovery – This one is an expert when it comes to USB or memory card file recovery.


  1. Restoration – Aside from letting you recover from hard drives and USBs, it also provides you with an easy-to-understand interface.


  1. FreeUndelete – It surely lives up to its name: You can undelete files freely.