Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell – A Different kind of Doorbell

Doorbells, as we all know, are usually seen near doors or gates in order for somebody to know that someone’s there. Along with a peep hole in your door, you will definitely know whether the person who’s ringing the doorbell is someone you know or not. However, in case of gates or your absence, this is definitely another case. Therefore, a Ring Video Doorbell is definitely a must-have.

Ring Video Doorbell
Ring Video Doorbell


What makes this doorbell somehow special? Well, as we all know, doorbells are just doorbells. Ring Video Doorbell, on the other hand, not only acts like your usual doorbell; it also serves as your remote peephole. Though having a rather menacing look, the Ring Video Doorbell has a camera and other internal needed in order to make it wireless. The overall design is somewhat intimidating and a deterrent also, since the camera is very visible. Testers suggest that the camera must be somewhat designed in order for it not to become so obvious, or discreet.


Setting the negative comments aside, this one could come in handy, especially when it comes to security. Since it has a built-in camera, this one can be used in order to discourage a person who has a knack for stealing other people’s letters and packages. In other words, rest assured that the package or letter is secured, as long as it is left in front of a doorbell. Therefore, it’s somehow necessary to set-up a box where people can put things in front of the doorbell itself. And since this thing is wireless, bear in mind that it somehow runs in battery power.