Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick – Specifications, Price and Release

Innovation: A great word in today’s era of modernity and technology.  While our entertainment and leisure were limited to card games and the good ole television set, decades of innovation and constant practice of betterment produce us a lot of gadgets.  Now, we have streaming media sticks to add to the colourful set for human entertainment. To this, we introduce you, Roku Streaming Stick, the budget version of Roku 3.


Out of the box, we can see a not-so-special looking stick along with enhanced remote, 2 pcs. of AA batteries, wall adapter, microUSB cable and—of course—a starter guide.  You can easily plug in the stick through the HDMI port of your TV screen. But just in case that the said port is not available, you have to make use of an extender.  The cable wire is used for power function but if you don’t the access to a USB port, might as well use the other option which is the wall adapter.


Roku Streaming Stick
Roku Streaming Stick


The remote is rather generic-looking but hey, we’re all about the core functions here and not sort a pageant display for devices.   It sports all the basic keys you need—navigational pad, media functions and buttons that open dedicated app.


As for the diversity of available channels, we can’t say much but it’s a two thumbs up.  Surfing through them also is quite an effortless task due to the simplicity of interface.  The only problem is the loading time in between most especially when you had the opportunity to know its greater sibling, the Roku 3.  Anyway, you get to see your faves here: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play Movies & TV and Hulu.


For the price of $50, Roku Streaming Stick surpasses the limitations of expectancy over budget devices.  Wrapping the details up, it’s a pretty decent media streaming stick you can have.