samsung Android Flip Phone

Samsung Android Flip Phone Price, Release Date and Specifications

Flip-style handset fans in South Korea will benefit a rare treat from one of the leading mobile manufacturers, Samsung. Samsung had revealed some sneak peeks of their newest twist for the flip handsets, Master Dual.  This is a nice offer of change for feature phones at this smartphone- dominated age. Whether you’re a flip-style fan or a budget-end consumer, you will surely love Samsung Master Dual.

samsung Android Flip Phone
samsung Android Flip Phone


However, as it was initially said, only Korean consumers will benefit this feature handset (at least for now). For international buyers, don’t put your hopes down yet.  Odds are it will also be internationally released if Samsung sees a potential market.


While some specifications (such as chipset, ram and other features) are not yet revealed, Samsung Master Dual is said to be priced at $279 (or KRW 300,300).  Master Dual is all set and ready for purchase in South Korean markets. The feature handset will have an external 2.2” display and a 3.0” internal display.  Cameras come at 3MP for primary and a mere 1.3MP for the front one.


Since it’s a mere feature phone, don’t get surprised that it’s not running under Android OS. And as its feature phone predecessors, Master Dual will also house the basic features such as GPS and radio. Master Dual also offers a new feature that will automatically provide the contacts a notice once the handset becomes unavailable under certain time period.


Summary of revealed Specifications

  • Display : (external) 2.2”; (internal) 3.0”
  • Camera : (primary) 3MP; (front) 1.3MP
  • Features : GPS enabled, FM radio, notification software
samsung Android Flip Phone
samsung Android Flip Phone