Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 specifications, Price and Release Date

Samsung has already confirmed that it will be releasing its latest smartphone model under the name Galaxy A7.  Prior rumors had said that A7 will be sported as a 5.5 inch display.  And guess what? It is! A7 will be introduced alongside A3 and A5.  So far, it is the largest of the A family with A3 in 4.5” and A5 in 5” screens.  All members will debut in Kitkat OS but will be upgradable into Lollipop later on.


Samsung Galaxy A7
Samsung Galaxy A7



Albeit the target of being a mid-range handset, the A set will be ambitiously competing with the high-end iPhones 6.  The Korean company promised that only quality materials will be used for their A models (that remains to be seen, anyhow). However, the availability of this collection on the market is still to be confirmed, with the exception of A5 which will debut in China by November this year. Further, there’s an unverified report circulating that Samsung plans to limit the production of A7 since it might be competing with the high-end Galaxy Alpha. If that would be true, wouldn’t be that frustrating?


Anyhow, while waiting for further news about this collection, let’s take a peek on the specs and price of Galaxy A7:


      Main specifications

  • Display  : 5.5”, Super AMOLED 1080 x 1920 with density of 401 ppi
  • CPU        : 1.5GHz, 4-bit processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410
  • OS : Android 4.4.4  Kitkat, upgradable to Google Lollipop
  • Internal memory : 16GB
  • Camera : (primary) 16MP
  • Dual SIM : yes
  • Connectivity : LTE
  • Battery : 2,330mAh



  • Price ranges from $450 to $500 since Galaxy A7 (along with the other A family members) is considered mid-range mobile, but it’s not yet finalized though.
Samsung Galaxy A7
Samsung Galaxy A7