Samsung Galaxy Gear (Unofficial) : Smartwatch to Watch Out For

Okay, Sammy has already proven us the beauty, practicality and efficiency of curved display with their Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and—now—S6 Edge+. But it seems that Sammy’s going to make it again to its formerly rumoured watch with the code name ‘Altius.’  Later, the code name was replaced by the much evident moniker Samsung Gear which is something more practical to our ears, don’t you think so, too?


Back to the Gear’s connection with the S6 moniker, rumors say that it will be endowed with the sensational curved or flexible display.  Merely imagining a bendable watch can blow your mind.  Still, if you want this seemingly dream-like timepiece to come out from dreamland into reality, then keep your fingers crossed.  Samsung is keeping it low but with vivid imaginations like the guys in British Voucher Codes Pro, well… let just wish them luck in making things discreet.  From here, we can definitely smell attempts in bringing Gear out from under the veil before its big event.

Samsung Galaxy Gear



Dream on because according to one YouTube video presentation, the smart is all about instant access, convenience and comfort.  It is going to be your significant partner for a fast-paced modern living.  It can be the key to your door, alarm clock, remote control, fitness tracker and debit/credit card.  You can also accept calls or video calls right at the convenience of your wrist.


As seen on the video, the unofficial look of Samsung Gear looks a little awkward on the wrist, but—hey!—let us anticipate the best.  And since Sammy’s one of the best, we can surely count on it.