Samsung Galaxy Note 4

How to fix the recent apps button lag in TouchWiz : Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has introduced to an innovative way in maximizing usage of its new capacitive keys set-up on its two 2015 flagships, namely Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4.  As you can notice the two models come sans menu button.  This is due to the reason that the mobile manufacturer erased its menu key in order to give way for the task-switching button (also known as ‘recent apps’ button).  It is already located at the left for the Home key which is the only feel-able key on the clean face of these two handsets.  To reflect the recent application used, you will have to press-and-hold the key and the line-up is immediately presented.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4


While this Galaxy Note 4 also uses the same procedure, you will notice the interval of about 3 seconds (which is really long considering that Note 4 is a high-end device) or more depending on the applications it has to load. Facebook application is reportedly to be the cause of most lags or delays but eventually, using our method below, you can experience fast performance. So since most of us hate delays, do the following steps in order to erase those wasted time.



Directions (for Samsung Galaxy Note 4)

  1. Go to the Settings page and proceed into Application Manager which you can locate by scrolling down.
  2. Swipe the pages until you see the section of running apps and services.
  3. Look for the TalkBack service which you can find by scrolling down.
  4. Disable the TalkBack service and instantly, your recent application button will not cause further delay.