Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge—Leaked Information, Price and Release, Specs

Samsung is one untiring company when it comes to upgrading their devices.  After introducing its Galaxy Note Edge with bendable display, it is now improvising the project into curving both side edges.  This is not actually new to our ears since the concept had already been introduced earlier in CES conference just last month (January, 2015), however, by a different device giant which is LG. Anyway, Samsung will have its shot on March 1 via MWC event.  Hopefully, we can see its own concept twist about “curved-edge” display.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Inspecting the display, it yet to be ascertained but we can estimate that the screen aggregates a full size of 5.0 or 5.2 inches, bearing a Quad HD resolution. As both sides are now curved, we might wonder about handling the handset itself.  Surmise to say, we just have to wait.


Now, talking about the chipset, it is already confirmed that Samsung and Qualcomm had already taken separate paths, with the former now producing its own system chips under the brand name Exynos.  So, Exynos it is for the chipset and ARM’s big.Little technology in Cortex A53/A57 processor.  Basing only from the system, S6 Edge is a certified high-end device.


It’s not yet decided if Galaxy S6 Edge (and S6 itself) will feature 16MP or 20MP primary camera.  There is no news for the front-facing snapper yet, but taking cue from the rear-facer, we expect to have a snapper for an ultimate ‘selfie’ experience.  Your pictures can be stored in 32GGB internal memory.


Expect for more details regarding S6 Edge.  For the meantime, pricing details indicate a sticker exposing $300 (on contract) or $750 (off contract). And since we are talking about Samsung here, we can purchase the handset via leading online stores with AT&T and Verizon Wireless among them.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Specifications

  • Display : 5.0” 5.2” Quad HD display with curved edges
  • CPU/Chipset : Exynos,
  • Storage : (internal) 32GB
  • Camera : (primary) 16MP or 20MP