Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 : Anticipating the Best to S6’s Successor

We know that both Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge collect their own respective accolades as two of the most compelling phones on the market today.  Thus, everyone’s eyes and expectations are on their successor, the Samsung Galaxy S7.  So, here’s the question many may be asking on their minds right now:  What should we expect on this upcoming handset?


Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7


There’s so little news concerning Galaxy S7 since its predecessor is yet to bask on its peak of glory.  We may have to wait for a while before we get anything concrete.  However, a little speculating and indulging on bits of rumors won’t harm anyone, right?  According to one rumor, Sammie’s soon-to-be flagship will be sporting a curved screen just like its predecessors.  Let’s admit it, this one juicy tidbit sparks imagination to both Sammie’s aficionados and potential consumers.


  • Edgier Design

Both S6 and S6 Edge brought us the fun of something that is not usually offered even in the likes of Apple.  If Sammy can bring the flexible display to another level, it will surely bring us more fun.  Additionally, we truly hope that the company will bring water and dust resistance features to upgrade protection of the device.


  • Scratch the Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is becoming ordinary, so why not Samsung bring security features such as retina sensors into their devices?


  • Juicier Battery

Galaxy S6 can stay up to 17-18 hours in moderate usage.  We must expect that S7 will be better on this since we don’t want a phone for mere display but lacks the actual gist which is functionality.


  • VR Upgrade

We hope that Samsung will bring in new features for its VR to bring the experience even closer.  This may mean brand new sensors, more games and great innovations.


  • Discount

Yeah, we may be asking a lot and this may be the most demanding of all.  But what harm is there to wish for a discount?