Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus : Seen with 6.0-inch Display and Gorgeous Appearance

2015 is coming to an end and despite the launching of different marvelous flagships from the leading brands, we can’t seem to wait for what 2016 has to bring us yet.  Speaking of which, @OnLeaks also known as Steve Hemmerstoffer of brought us one juicy tidbit about Sammie.  Apparently, the Korean company is in the process of perfecting (or may have perfected already) its upcoming chieftain, Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus


The phone is the greater of model between two upcoming Samsung flagships, with Galaxy S7 as the other one.   S7 Plus sports a gigantic 6.0-inch screen that is said to feature 2.5D glass on both front and back sides. And if you can still remember the 3D touch technology from Apple’s iOS 9… well, you may have that one, too, with these two models.  Furthermore, its 7.82mm (9.05mm if you want to count the bulk of the primary camera) thickness also adds to the appeal of S7 Plus.


Previous leaks purportedly indicated that the handset supports the newest USB Type C port, but recent updates stated otherwise.  In fact, S7 Plus bears the standard microUSB port. It


Both Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus may be launched on February 21, just a few days before the Mobile World Conference event.  The handset may signal the re-establishment of Qualcomm-Samsung camaraderie and Samsung’s very own big BRITECELL camera to its future handsets.


Considering the price of S6, the plain S7 may be priced for £40-45 (roughly $60-68 in USD).  There’s no news for the pricing of the Plus model, but we’re betting that the public would know about it even before the launching event.




  • 32 x 82.01 x 7.82mm body
  • 0” FHD display screen feat. 3D touch
  • 16MP primary, 12MP front cameras
  • Exynos or Qualcomm SoC