Samsung Level Box Mini

Samsung Level Box Mini Review, Price

When Samsung has tagged its Level Box with a $200 price, most gadget enthusiasts just couldn’t help but be dismayed.  Weighing things out, the Bluetooth speaker just did not come up with the expectations whether in size or audio quality.  Good thing that the device giant has reconsidered and has now released a ‘mini’ variant that has put its predecessor out of the controversial limelight.  Samsung Level Box Mini bears half price of its predecessor ($99.99) but offers a lot new experience and quality sound fun we are all asking for.


Samsung Level Box Mini
Samsung Level Box Mini

Level Box Mini’s design apparently shows off the same cut as its older sibling.  It has the same rectangular shape which is a traditional form of most Bluetooth speakers.  Material used is made out of quality plastic that makes the form look more compact and more solid to the touch.  Hopefully, Samsung would explore to the quirkier designs instead of being a pure traditionalist.  It would cater to the taste of the youthful crowd. Color variants are offered in four hues—red, blue, white and black—which bespeak traditional painting.


At the face (or the top surface) you can gain easy access on power, play, volume up and volume down keys. The speakers themselves are expressed just around the box and come out with the right amount of sounds considering it miniscule bulk.  Though, if you’re expecting to fire up a party with Samsung Level Box Mini, point is… it is a losing ground! Anyway, bringing up the sound box to its fullest volume, sounds are not brought into a verge of helpless tones but still lack the crispness we are searching in audio quality.  At the rear side, you can find the auxiliary jack, Bluetooth button and microUSB port where you can connect its charger.


Obviously it’s not a knock out but having it compete side by side with its older sibling plus other competitors, Level Box Mini still holds the edge.